Reach for the Stars

Is the James Webb Space Telescope a tool for charitable giving?

The number of NASA space projects, the number of satellites and the orbiting space station that is “up there” offers a fascinating perspective on strategic charitable giving. NASA provides a ‘Picture of the Day’ on the internet and with the JWST provides startling images from deep space. For over 20 years scientists have been working on the telescope, applying themselves to solve technical problems that would literally open our eyes to cosmos. Providing unfathomable images and beaming back a treasure of information, what we learn is shaping our understanding of the universe and will have an impact on our actions tomorrow.

No, NASA did not invent Tang, the drink mix that kept John Glenn hydrated in his 1962 Mercury flight. However, engineers and scientists, in the process of solving complex problems of space flight, make important discoveries that positively impact the lives of everyone. Some of these discoveries include portable breathing systems used by firefighters, cochlear implants and insulin pumps that allow those with medical conditions to live normal lives. Everyday items like memory foam, wireless headsets and water filters have been created through the process of solving problems faced by NASA.

The desire to learn, understand and to solve problems gives purpose to those who can, to direct resources and drive action. People and organizations when applying principles of planning, researching options, design, implementation, and evaluation, create projects with the capacity to make positive change and improve the lives of human beings everywhere.

The lesson of reaching for the stars, teaches us that when we harness the power we possess. We can make a difference today and impact society tomorrow.

At R&D Philanthropy, we apply the same principles in working with clients. Together we will look at your values, your passions and what you hope to achieve with your foundation or personal giving. We work with you to create a strategic path to applying your resources. By looking at your giving patterns, aligning your values and areas that are important for you to support, we will examine requests or help stimulate new initiatives, then track, evaluate, and report on your funded projects. Whether your goal is to help a small charitable organization with a steady stream of income for operations or to provide seed funding for a medical nanotech lab, we can help you make decisions that can maximize the value of your charitable gift.

Collateral Benefits

Charitable actions can have collateral benefits:

  1. In the delivery of services for the Out of the Cold program in Toronto, the need not only for food in the winter but water in the summer became evident. A collaboration between contributors and service delivery charities helped provide the resources and connect with those who could provide the delivery systems, to alleviate this problem for thousands of individuals.
  2. During the pandemic, a donor wished to fund an initiative that would provide kosher meals to those in need. By bringing together food providers and delivery teams, volunteers provided hot meals for many who would otherwise not have. The project stimulated others to give and increased the potential to reach many more people.
  3. The One Acre Fund, co-founded by Eric Pohlman, is a social enterprise focused on farmers, in the fight against poverty and hunger. The project harnesses the resources of contributors around the world and helps finance and train farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa.  By applying best practices, farmers are more productive in growing, harvesting, and selling crops, providing food in their villages and towns. This is an empowerment project that helps people to help themselves it was started by enabling farmers, one acre at a time.

Everyone has the potential to help change the world and R&D Philanthropy is here to help you in that quest. By infusing your passion with purpose, like Eric Pohlman, you too can achieve your own generational impact.

Contact us to learn more about we can work together and strategically plan a process of giving that will be effective for you.