News from Debbie Spiegel, Founder R&D Philanthropy

The launch of R&D Philanthropy represented a new chapter in the lives of Randy and myself. Our venture was the culmination of years of experience with donors and charities, personal reflection, as well as insights and thought sessions with many kind philanthropists and professionals in the world of philanthropy. Our goal was to provide guidance to assist donors strategically plan and execute their charitable giving.

In the process of growing our business, a once in a lifetime opportunity was presented to Randy which necessitates a pause in the life of R&D Philanthropy. Those who know us know that our values include a commitment to higher education, research and innovation, excellence in service delivery, Jewish literacy and life, the people and State of Israel and philanthropic activism.

Applying values to action, I am delighted to announce that Randy has been appointed CEO of
Canadian Friends of Bar-Ilan University

 This opportunity is consistent with the advice we give to our clients – find your passion and purpose, find opportunities that align with who you are, and build your legacy. The position of CEO of the Canadian operation of this outstanding University, ticks all the boxes. Randy brings the same creative energy, commitment to excellence, and success to this position that he has demonstrated in helping raise the profile and financial stability of the major communal organizations with whom he has led or worked, throughout his career.

Canadian Friends of Bar-Ilan University has been led by many outstanding community leaders. Sadly, two stalwarts passed away this past year – Mira Koschitzky (a”h) this past June and Gabi Weisfeld (a”h) in October. Randy has had the privilege over the years to know and connect with these remarkable women and he looks forward to the partnership with the current Chair, Harold Spring and the members of the Board, to continuing their legacy and to building the profile and prominence of Bar-Ilan University.

Bar-Ilan University is a jewel in the crown of academia and research, with professors and students making their mark in Israel and around the world. As the parents of a child who has tasted the Bar-Ilan University experience, we believe in all the University has to offer inquiring, impressionable minds. The commitment to Jewish education, thought and living, positions Bar-Ilan University as a catalyst in the building of the future of the Jewish people.

To those who read and provided feedback to our articles and posts, and to those with whom we have had the privilege to work, we say — Thank you for your support and encouragement. We continue to advocate and encourage you to exercise your philanthropic muscle to strengthen the community here and abroad.

For more information on Bar-Ilan University, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Randy ( Hopefully, you will be motivated to explore giving opportunities with him for Bar-Ilan University that align with your personal values and goals.

Debbie Spiegel