News from Debbie Spiegel, Founder R&D Philanthropy

The launch of R&D Philanthropy represented a new chapter in the lives of Randy and myself. Our venture was the culmination of years of experience with donors and charities, personal reflection, as well as insights and thought sessions with many kind philanthropists and professionals in the world of philanthropy. Our goal was to provide guidance […]

5 Donor Types — 5 Creative Solutions (Part 2)

What Type of Donor Are You? In Part 1 of our 2-part series, we introduced you to three Donor Types and offered creative solutions to help donors make decisions that will ensure their gifts have maximum impact. Philanthropy is serious business and most satisfying when infused with passion and purpose. In Part 1 you met: […]

5 Donor Types — 5 Creative Solutions (Part 1)

You believe in giving back, helping your community, feeding the hungry, changing the lives of children and elders. You respond to charitable requests and from time to time you ask yourself: Is my giving meaningful and impactful? You wonder if you could do more or be more strategic with your charitable giving. But, what type […]

3 Key Indicators to Target Your Charitable Giving

Philanthropy is about impact and donors want to know that their charitable gift – their investment in an idea or an organization — will have a meaningful and lasting impact. Flooded with giving opportunities, donors at all levels often ask themselves how they are to choose from the seemingly endless stream of requests. Assessing and […]

Small Business- BIG Impact

10 steps to Creating and Launching a Giving Plan to Grow Your Small Business The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s recent headline that in the US, the “top 10 Donations of 2022 totaled $9.3 Billion” was astounding and inspiring. Representing just under 2% of the total charitable donations in the US of $484.85 Billion (The Annual Report […]

Food Security – Who Is Making a Difference?

Recently we were engaged by a client who wished to make the first of a three-year commitment targeted to food security. Our job was to investigate and uncover qualified direct service providers operating high impact programs for consideration. Work with the client began by defining the criteria to drive the investigation of options that would […]

The 3P’s to Teach Your Children Well*

In every generation, in every religion and society, we invest in our future, our children, and teach them lessons that will carry society and humanity forward. From the 3R’s, the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, we provide them with the building blocks to learn and succeed. When we teach our children, let’s also […]