6 Ways to Service Contributors

We have all had more than a few frustrating experiences with a “customer service” agent or an employee who doesn’t appreciate that “Customer Service is number 1.” Not that the customer is always right, but the customer – or the client or the prospective contributor, is ALWAYS number 1. You know the story, you come […]

Reach for the Stars

Is the James Webb Space Telescope a tool for charitable giving? The number of NASA space projects, the number of satellites and the orbiting space station that is “up there” offers a fascinating perspective on strategic charitable giving. NASA provides a ‘Picture of the Day’ on the internet and with the JWST provides startling images […]

Does Your Charitable Giving Feel Disorganized?

Providing structure in a chaotic charitable giving world My late great-aunt Rose said, “Anyone who knocks on the door is worthy. I give something to everyone, even if it is a dollar.” Her generosity was an example for the generations. In the “olden days” canvassing was direct, limited by volunteer capacity and had many fewer […]

10 Things we know to be true – and cannot ignore

Pay attention and allow your giving to have meaningful and lasting impact There are many things in life that we know to be true but unfortunately often ignore: If it’s too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Let your conscience be your guide. Don’t eat yellow snow. Passed down […]