Infuse your philanthropy with passion and purpose to achieve meaningful and lasting impact

Our Mission

Your charitable giving is an expression of hope and a source of deep pride.

At the same time, it can be enormously time-consuming and fraught with endless detail. Too often, the best of intentions are met with deep disappointment.

We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your philanthropy achieves the goals you intended and will have meaningful and lasting impact for generations to come.

How We Can Help You

We will develop systems and structures that allow your giving to be proactive and intentional.

Through thoughtful conversations, we will ensure your giving reflects your values, ideals, and hopes for the future.

We will actively work with organizations to measure impact, ensure accountability and provide peace of mind.

We will work closely with you and funded organizations to develop projects and establish giving programs that meet your objectives, creating the legacy you envision.

Working with you to achieve your philanthropic goals


Align charitable giving with your goals, values, dreams, ideals

We’ll help you articulate your philanthropic goals and develop the structures and processes to keep your giving focused.


Optimize charitable giving to realize desired outcomes

To keep your philanthropy focused, we’ll vet and/or identify giving opportunities, liaise with organizations and structure giving programs.

Meaningful and Lasting Impact

Maximize the lasting value of your philanthropy

In order for you to feel truly satisfied, we’ll ensure metrics are being met, broader goals are being realized, and long-term philanthropic aims are fulfilled.

Our Process


Establishing Priorities, Goals, and Structures

  • Articulation of key values
  • Giving goals & objectives
  • Mission statement, funding criteria
  • Decision-making processes
    Targets and timelines for giving
  • Charitable giving structures


Aligning Gift Opportunities


  • Processes to attract or identify gift opportunities
  • Responding to gift requests
  • Criteria for evaluating gift opportunities
  • Configuring giving programs
  • Gift recognition


Monitoring Philanthropic Initiatives

  • Reviewing progress related to ongoing gifts
  • Structure gifts to maximize impact
  • Reviewing donation agreements
  • Ongoing liaison with funded organizations

Our Team

Randy Spiegel

  • Extensive leadership experience in fundraising and communal organizations
  • Consulted closely with donors to develop appropriate giving opportunities
  • Developed and managed annual, capital, endowment and special projects campaigns, raising and allocating millions of charitable dollars
  • Designed and implemented operational plans, communication strategies, departmental and full organization budgets, reporting to all stakeholders
  • Managed family estates
  • Leadership positions on boards of numerous charitable organizations

Debbie Spiegel

  • Director level positions in nonprofit organizations
  • Extensive interaction and discussion with donors and lay people
  • Involvement in the development and execution of fundraising campaigns
  • Liaise with donors and prospective donors, providing program information and helping them to create giving wish lists.
  • Full organizational responsibility including planning, staffing, budgeting, communication, and reporting to stakeholders

Philanthropic Insights